NEW 10m Nexus 2 - ☀️RISE MARATHON Fundraiser!

NEW 10m Nexus 2 - ☀️RISE MARATHON Fundraiser!

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By purchasing this kite, you making a massive positive impact on the lives of over 60 young children. 100% of the total sale of this kite will be donated to an Early Childhood Development Centre in Durban, South Africa which is supported by a non-profit organisation SITHANDA UPLIFTMENT PROJECTS. (

A huge thank you to Stefan Schuetz from Fehmarn, Germany for donating this kite that he won from the ☀️RISE MARATHON giveaway

I hope that you enjoy this amazing kite even more now knowing that you have just changed these children's lives forever! 

Thank you, 

Willow and Stefan

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