Spectrum Fuselage and Mastbase
Spectrum Fuselage and Mastbase
Spectrum Fuselage and Mastbase

Spectrum Fuselage and Mastbase

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Our CNC’d fuselage features well-rounded edges to improve water flow over the wing and stabilizer. We’ve maximized the geometric wing connection surface area to 

reduce twist, improve stiffness, performance, and water flow. We’ve optimized the area between the wing and mast to minimize torsion. The fuselage behind the mast 

also features a top concave to improve water release. Wing angles are optimized to have a streamlined Fuselage in nominal cruising speeds for extra glide through your 

turns and maneuvers.

Delivery: The fuselage comes with five Torx screws (3x M8x20mm, 2x M6x20mm) for mounting front and rear wing


It’s lightweight. It’s 90mm mast track compatible. And its hydrodynamic profile makes a superlative connection to your board. The deep mast socket provides a tight, 

secure connection with your foil. Its low profile and slick form minimize resistance during touchdowns. We lightweighted the base while adding strategic internal struts 

to absorb stress from the mast stringers. And we opened the screw attachment points for quicker assembly. 

Delivery: The Mastbase comes with 4 M8x30mm Torx screws and 4 T-nuts.

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