Kite Gearbag
Kite Gearbag
Kite Gearbag
Kite Gearbag
Kite Gearbag
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Protect your valuable kite gear during travel with our hard-wearing, thickly padded gear bag. It's big enough for several kites, twin tips or surfboards, and everything you need for action-packed sessions. Large, smooth-running wheels easily roll a fully loaded bag to your destination. Durable 1000 denier nylon, extra strong zippers, and other neat features will make traveling easy peasy. 


Kite Gear Bag 150

Size: 150 x 50 x 32 cm / approx. 59 x 20 x 13 inches

Max. Board size: 150 x 50 cm / 4'11 'x 20'

Gear: 2-3 kites, 1-2 twintips

Volume: ca. 230 l / 14.000 in³

Weight: ca. 4.6 kg / 10.1 lbs

Kite Gear Bag 190

Size: 190 x 50 x 32 cm / approx. 75 x 20 x 13 inches

Board size: up to max. Approx. 190 x 50 cm / 6'2 'x 20'

Scope: 3-4 kites, 1-2 surfboards

Volume: ca. 300l / 18.300in³

Weight: ca. 5.5kg / 12.1lbs

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