Built for everything, tuned for everywhere - Nexus 3!!

Built for everything, tuned for everywhere - Nexus 3!!


The favorite all-rounder from CORE Kiteboarding, Nexus 3 has been out for a little over a week now, and oh man, is it a solid kite! The Nexus 3 will have your back no matter the conditions or the style of shredding you plan to do.

Before we get into the technical details, check out my latest YouTube video as I get into why I love this kite and why I think it's the perfect travel buddy:

The CORE team had an amazing time filming in South Africa; road tripping from Cape Town all the way up through Port Elizabeth - which is just past Jeffery's Bay, a famous surf destination. 

The Nexus 3 is the ultimate kite for any discipline you feel like riding. Whether you want to get out on your surfboard and shred some waves out on the famous One Eye, or you feel like sending it to the moon with the super strong winds of Cape Town, or maybe you even just want to cruise some perfect butter flat lagoons - this kite takes you everywhere.

If you travel a lot, you want one kite that can do everything - especially when it comes to staying under the airports weight limit! The Nexus 3 does just that, making it the perfect travel buddy. The thought of having one kite in your bag that is going to give you the opportunity to shred wherever the wind takes you will definitely put your mind at ease. 

Now, imagine you're at Bloubergstrand Beach in Cape Town, the wind is pumping a solid 40 knots, sand is flying and you have your 8m Nexus 3 ready for a session. You grab your twintip and you head out on the water, throwing a few megaloops, a few 15+ meter jumps - hey, maybe even a huge handlepass... though in 40 knots, it might be tricky. You have a ton of fun sending it. Now let's say you want to go for a wave riding session, you pack your Nexus 3, head on down to Cape Point or Scarborough and then you go smash a few waves out. 

That's a typical day for myself and many others in Cape Town, so it's easy to understand the Nexus 3 is my favorite kite within the CORE Kiteboarding range.

Everyone at CORE Kiteboarding has put so much time and energy into creating every single kite, including myself and the team riders, who are constantly testing the kites over and over again, making sure that it's the perfect product for you.

As I said in my video, this kite does it all, now let's get in to some of the most notable improvements.

New! CoreTex 2 Canopy

Combined with CORE's highly refined CoreTex 2 canopy cloth, they've accelerated the development of light weight performance and dynamic handling as well as improving the core strength of the Nexus 3. The marginally lighter canopy fabric features massively improved tear resistance, stiffness and durability. A new coating process aids stability in higher winds and jumps. CoreTex 2 sets the standard in breaking strength, tear resistance, longevity, UV protection, and elongation.

New! ExoTex 2 Leading Edge

The new Exotex 2 leading edge, that's stiffer, lighter and yet also 80% more tear resistant. Exotex 2 is a considered and progressive evolution of polyester weaves through both the warp and weft. Through every inch of the Nexus 3's air frame you'll find the use of ultra-strong yarns and the entire structure is now stiffer, more tightly woven and then finally treated with a unique heating and shrinking process.

The Nexus 3 also features lighter yet more robust struts, 3 different CIT modes (wave, all-round, freestyle), instant relaunch capabilities and much more.

You can find out more on www.corekites.com
I hope one day you'll be able to give my favourite kite a try. If you ever find yourself wanting to know more about the Nexus 3, schedule a call with me and let's have a chat!

That's enough reading for now, go get yourself out on the water and I hope to see you on the water somewhere around the world someday soon!

All the best
Willow-River Tonkin.